Who We Are

Over the years, Qemiq biotics has emerged as one of the fastest growing Indian Nutraceutical company . Our focus on specialty segments in India and simultaneous opening of newer markets abroad has helped us maintain the growth. We are firmly establishing our brands in each market for sustained sales.

The lack of education and awareness regarding health supplements has encouraged Qemiq Biotics to take necessary steps and educate the masses on the importance of nutrition. we excel at what we do by providing our customers with safe yet effective products.Our products are all natural, which is why they have a gradual yet steady effect. The results dont show up overnight, meaning the supplements by QB work in symbiosis with your body and its systems, allowing you to naturally cleanse your body of toxins and avoid malnutrition.


R&D continues its activities with the vision of becoming the top nutraceutical manufacture of India. It mainly develops products exportable to international markets and high quality affordable products.